Using Email List Building To Make More Sales

Email list building offers some of the highest ROI (Return On Investment) among any form of online marketing. Internet marketers all over the world have been successfully using email marketing for a very long time and in spite of all the social media hype these days, email marketing remains their primary strategy to generate profits online.

Email marketing enables you to develop a relationship with your prospect and help them to achieve their goals. At the same time you can educate them about your products and service and increase the likelihood that they will purchase from you. You have to develop that KNOW-LIKE-TRUST with your subscribers. Below you can learn what you need to know to integrate email marketing into your business.

Overview of Email List Building

Email list building involves capturing the name and email address of the people who visit your website or landing page. A landing page is just like any other page on your website and its sole purpose is to collect a visitors email address. You can design your own landing page or you can use the various services like LeadPages Software for this purpose.

Statistically, the chances of the same person visiting your website is less than one percent. So you have to make sure that you capture the contact information of that person. You can do this by giving the visitors something of value for free; like a free eBook or report, or maybe an invitation to watch a free webinar, in return for their name and email address.

For example, you will see a form at the right-hand side of this page, when I implement it, that I will use for email list building. If you enter your name and email address in there, I promise you that I will give you something of real value that will surely help your business.

Once you capture their email address, they are added to the subscriber list in your email autoresponder and you can send them a series of follow-up emails at regular intervals. The purpose of these emails should be to help your prospects achieve their desired goals, and at the same time explain them about the products and services that you offer. The great thing about email marketing is that, it allows you to interact with your subscribers to understand their problems and needs and market the products that provide solution to their problems.

What you need for Email List Building

Adding email marketing as a part of your business promotion strategy doesn’t have to be expensive, but you will require a few simple tools. The most important is your email auto responder service. An auto responder service allows you to automate your email marketing efforts. With an auto responder service like AWeber and GetResponse, you can create a series of pre-written emails that every subscriber in your email list will receive. The other tool that you will require for email list building is a landing page.

How to Succeed at Email Marketing

Below you can learn some of the most important principles for successful email list building. By following these principles you will develop the trust of your subscribers and probably make more sales in the long run:

  1. Compelling Subject Lines: Getting your emails opened is critical for your email marketing success. Having a compelling subject line is the key to get high open rates. The email subject line should intrigue your readers to open up and read what’s inside. Good subject lines should have a sense of urgency, such as ‘our limited time sale’, or may pose an interesting question like ‘why you should sign up for a particular product or service?’.
  2. Personalize Your ‘Email From’ Field: People like to receive emails from other humans. Therefore, it is good practice to ad a bit of personal touch to your emails. This will also help you to develop a personal connection with your readers.
  3. Provide useful content: It is critical that your emails help your prospect to achieve their desired goals. For example, if you are sending out fitness email newsletter then the content of the newsletter should help people to achieve their fitness goals. If your emails are only promotional, then over time people will ignore your emails and you’ll burn your list. I did that mistake once. You need to balance promoting your products and services with providing content that your readers will benefit from. Generally, for one “BUY MY STUFF” email, you should send three “READING THIS WILL HELP YOU ACHIEVE THIS” emails. By providing useful content you will also establish your position as an expert in your industry.
  4. Using Open Loops: Open loops are somewhat like a “ninja” technique used by some of the most popular television shows. An open loop is an unanswered question that compels the viewer to watch next week’s episode. If you have ever watched the television show Lost, then you will have seen how effective this kind of cliffhanger strategy can be. The first time I heard about the open loops marketing concept was while watching a webinar online. We can use the same technique in our email marketing. At the end of your email include a hint about what you would be discussing next time. This will increase the high likelihood that people will want to read your next email.
  5. Include a PS: Studies show that most people will not read most part of your email. Instead they will first scan the start of the email and then the end of the email. To maximize your click through rate it is a good idea to include a PS at the bottom of the email. Inside of this PS include a compelling call to action with a relevant link. For example in your PS you might include a link to a limited time sale you are having for a product or service.

What are the techniques that you use in your email list building? Would you like to add any more points to the above post? Do let us know by leaving a comment below.

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